Welcome to the new look store, here's a little bit about me!

I have always been a bit of a “Hippie”. I was brought up around crystals and the types of people who were open to the universe and its wisdom.

As with a lot of light workers out there, I was open to it all as a kid into my late teens when I had a little’un of my own and at some point shut down and concentrated on building life as a single mum. (I never could shut it out completely though!!)

Throughout the years I kept myself surrounded by crystals and the like and in 2013 had the life changing experience of meeting a man who would turn my entire world upside down and who let me be who I was meant to be, without question and always with love. (Even if he did think it was all hippie shit!!)

Now I enjoy creating Guardians for those who need them as well as running my healing practice where I run workshops with a dear friend, conduct Numerology readings and have Intuitive Healing Sessions. (Just to name a few things!!!)

Anywho... Welcome to Crystal Lover Creations, may you find your Guardian here xx