Fluorite Faceted Pendulum

Fluorite Faceted Pendulum

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How Does a Pendulum Work?

Some people are afraid of magical tools. They fear the tool has powers, or that it’s possessed by some entity. If these are your concerns, you can rest easy—this is not the case.

The pendulum doesn’t know things that you don’t know. It doesn’t have a brain or a spirit inside of it. The information is actually coming from you. That’s right—you are the receiver, so to speak. The information you gain from the pendulum is information that you’re picking up psychically on a subconscious level.

I have added my guide on how to use your new pendulum in our Blog here at CLC and will also send a copy for you with your new baby!!!


  • Protective and stabilising
  • Heightens mental abilities
  • Great healing stone and aids cleansing ones aura
  • Increases intuitive abilities